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Our Story

Our core team came up with the idea of a training initiative over several discussions and brainstorming sessions in Villa go8485 in the midst of calm and serene surroundings. The first germination of the seed took place in yet another wonderful location, The National Gallery of Modern Art. Our cofounders met here for the first time and from there the idea of KITES STUDIO has taken shape. The core team brings in-depth expertise in Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Training & Development, and Wellness.

Meet the Team

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CB Venugopal

Founder and Program Advisor, Kites Studio

Venu CB has more than 25 years of experience in Training and Development. He has run workshops for participants at Board level, CXOs and for Freshers. Executive and Life Coach, he is a PCC from the International Coaching Federation and Program Director of Masterful Coach Training Program (ICF), a curriculum used for Coach credentialing globally. CBV is a certified Trainer in several programs and psycho-profiling instruments. He has run ‘Train The Trainer’ and ‘Manager as a Coach’ workshops. He is the Founder of Kites.Studio, a platform dedicated to the progress, improvement, and development of individuals.

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Devi Shetty

Co-Founder and Program Director, Kites Studio

He is an Ultra Marathon runner. He runs distances. For healthier living, he started to practice yoga and pranayama. He is Founder and lead coach of ODU Running Club Bengaluru. He says, it’s a privilege to train a large number of people and to help them achieve their goals of covering long distance or to lead a healthier life.

He was part of an NGO Ashayen Foundation. The main focus was to spread simple education by adopting government-aided schools and to motivate children to attend school by giving all the required facilities. It meant educating and sharing inspirational stories with them every day and to teach them English, Mathematics and to organize summer camps.

Like many professionals, Devi has spent long years with corporates. He left his job to follow his passion and to give back to society and contribute to making it a better place for everyone to live.

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Program Facilitator, Kites Studio

She is an individual with a touch of creativity. The passion for writing and storytelling made her quit a well-paid job at IT and take up full-time writing and teaching. Being a wanderlust, she travels extensively and also maintains a travel blog.
As a behavioral facilitator, she has helped a lot of young minds to hone their skills in the areas of personal branding, self-confidence, communication skills and leadership skills. As an image management professional she has extended her services to a lot of professionals and housewives in the areas of personal branding, clothing, grooming and etiquette.
She has also actively taken part as a volunteer (arts/ crafts / english) facilitator at Aashayein Foundation and has worked closely with the students studying in Government schools. Along with that she also writes about human Interest topics for one of the leading newspapers in the city of Mysuru.



Counsellor, Kites Studio

Alishaa has experience as an admission counsellor with large institution such as Eurokids and Adhyansh Montessori. She has helped parents make the right choices. She has led parent information sessions and helped them understand and experience these in the eyes of the children. She has interacted with a wide variety of parents, helping them know how their children can prepare effectively for the formal schooling system and beyond. Her expertise includes Handling all parent grievances in coordination with staff promptly.