Meaningful Team Outings


Our CEO Mr. Venugopal with IBM team


As a leader are you losing credibility due to unmet deadlines?

We at Kites Studio start by picking an understanding of your group by administering a simple questionnaire at the start of the program or prior to it. In the program, we encourage group members to delve deep into the merits of working cohesively and the need to meet deadlines.


Do you have members in your team showing a lack of motivation or interest leading to reduced team productivity?

By deploying our multi-step process, we engage with your team members and ensure significant alignment towards overall team productivity with sustained motivation and interest towards team output.


As a leader do you witness negativity between team members or other teams?

We will help the group to discover how to work together as a team towards greater goals and greater synergies. Leader as applied to business owners, managers and any position with people management responsibilities.

Kites Studio is a platform for people to come together and interact facilitated by our experts in behavioral processes and well being. Our facilitators conduct a variety of programs relevant to a range of participants coming from several age groups, background, and experiences. They are dedicated to the cause of better-living and well-being.


Process and Methodology

Employees from a corporate background live in a VUCA world. The wherewithal to cope with this yet thrive in their own space calls for a multitude of abilities. While some of the traditional ways of dealing with these challenges may be effective, it calls for a newer, creative and innovative set of approaches. This is where Kites Studio steps in with path breaking solutions.

The very first step in your journey commences with an awareness of the 'here and now'. As a team member or a manager or a senior leader, the scope to understand and be aware of oneself and the context is empowering. This is followed by an exploration of possibilities and tapping into one's inner voice. Finally, leading to the setting of goals and an actionable agenda. Through this sequence, our facilitators and coaches are available in formal and informal settings, be it individually or for groups.


Kites Studio follows a system of flexible topics and content - largely open to the flow of participant challenges and explorations. A combination of tools, such as role plays, group discussions, facilitators led discussions and drawing/writing exercises are deployed for maximum insights and outcome. Participant context is something we take up rigorously, at an individual and collective level. Our facilitators support participants explore where necessary till the individual gains clarity. Exploration of the self is the core of our approach.

We take the individual, team and organizational success as a key indicator of our own success. Therefore, it is part of our system to track and ensure the outcome. Here is an invite for you to experience one of your greatest journeys!

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