Teenage and Adult Hood


Teenagers and Young adults between 16Y & 21Y face intense competition and peer pressure in academics as well as other areas. Most often these individuals have to live up to the expectation of parents, family, relatives, teachers and their communities. Many of these youngsters perceive hobbies and talent which needs time away from academics.  It’s a time for these youngsters to prove themselves to near and dear ones and the older large. Often it takes a heavy toll.

Kites Studio has in its portfolio of services specific programs and interventions to provide youngsters of this age group are a quantum leap in addressing and successfully dealing such pressure and stress.

Specific references to the topics we cover considering the present situation of the students and the market, our experts design a program especially for your students. Each student will be given special attention during the program to excel.


Leadership Skills
Communication skills
Positive attitude
Professional counseling
Inter & Intrapersonal skills
Decision making
Creative thinking
Interview skills
Pressure handling
Physical & mental health
Balanced diet